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        How to prevent the ductile iron castings in winter burst.

        Ductile cast iron matrix was mainly composed of ferrite and pearlite, also includes a small number of cementite, phosphorus eutectic. Casting ferrite content more, less pearlite content, good toughness, low intensity; The opposite high strength, toughness is poor. Many devices, items, also be exclusive to a winter, ductile cast iron is a kind of typical. What is winter of nodular cast iron pieces he threat? Is actually afraid of ductile iron castings will crack in low temperature environment. In winter the temperature would be low, but this does not affect the performance of the ductile iron casting itself. Mostly because objects of special properties make it has good toughness, and the strength of the steel, so in terms of elongation is ideal, even also can normal operation at low temperature. But afraid is afraid of ductile iron castings in fluid medium will resist the threat of low temperature, has the crack situation. In order to avoid this kind of problem, if fluid lower critical point can be appropriate to add some antifreeze, or appropriate heat treatment for nodular cast iron parts are made, such prevention is more effective.


        If want to solve from the source, you can also choose right from the start has good low temperature antifreeze material of nodular cast iron material, made of nodular cast iron pieces. But the demand for technology, conditions are very harsh, and need to invest cost will be higher, also want to consider to be clear about this.