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        Nodular cast iron is widely used

        Our ductile iron production started very early, in 1950 successfully developed and put intoproduction, in 2009 China's ductile iron production reached 8700000 tons, ranking first in the world.Suited to China's national conditions and development of rare earth magnesium nodulizing agentsuccess, each field of nodular cast iron, Austenite Bainite Ductile Cast Iron and other productiontechnology and research work have reached a very high level of technology. Ductile iron has highmechanical properties, especially the plasticity and toughness is improved, so as to get higher than the steel strength. Carbon in cast iron graphite to form precipitation, precipitation of graphite in cast iron if strip when called grey cast iron or gray iron, vermicular cast iron is the name of vermicular graphite cast iron is the name, the flocculent white cast iron, cast iron or code was called nodular cast iron ball at. Ductile iron castings with its excellent performance is widely used, in thespheroidizing agent prior to casting of nodular cast iron with a certain amount of spheroidal graphitecast iron in the. Due to the spherical graphite exists in the iron matrix, improve the separation effect on the matrix, the tensile strength, ductile iron yield strength, plasticity, impact toughness and wear resistance, has greatly improved, shock absorption, good process performance, low cost etc..